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12"x 12" MARBLE TILES - $125.00 plus shipping

Sports Award Plaque - up to 18" x 18" Granite for durability.
12"x 12" GRANITE TILES - $125.00 plus shipping
6" x 6" TILES - $50.00 plus shipping

(prices subject to change without notice - fan cuts & silhouttes extra, ovals extra)

Black marble lends itself to incredible detail in photographic reproduction! Our popular single tile (12" X 12", 10" X 12", 9" X 10") is used to commemorate our clients' weddings, their anniversaries, or to combine multiple images onto one tile. Create a composite or focus on the primary subject in your favorite photograph.

Because of the detail that can be obtained, we can create an incredible keepsake for you - we've even reconstructed badly damaged images.

Uses have included: Association awards, sports events awards, retirement gifts, anniversary gifts, family coat-of-arms, corporate logos, fundraising opportunities.



Our black granite tiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Granite lends itself particularly well for reproducing artwork. Make a dramatic floor with your own photograph or favorite artwork - highlight a brick pillar with an unexpected granite accent - turn your kitchen backsplash into an elegant scene.

Uses have included: Business Card Trivets, Logo Coasters, Logo Floor Inlays, Entire Granite floors with a favorite art scene or a photograph of a favorite hobby. Preserve that winning moment in lasting granite - when the checkered flag comes out, or you place in your class!

Pet Show Trophies - Unique!

Granite Advertising Trivet - The business card they won't throw away!







Glass can be used in many custom applications. We laser etch the image on the reverse side of the glass or mirror for a smooth top surface. Personalize a door's glass insert, stereo cabinet door, a curio cabinet door, a glass tabletop. Place the glass over a dark surface and the detail comes to life! Place a light source behind an etched mirror and watch the image glow!

$125.00 plus shipping for the glass/mirror 12" x 12".

GLASS - visit our sun-catcher & custom night light page!

MIRROR - visit our Custom Turnsignal Mirror site!



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